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Company Quality Policy

Dwisolar Sdn Bhd as provider of (1) Engineering, Procurement, Installation & Commissioning of Fire, Safety, Protection and Automation Equipment; (2) Design, Supply, After Sales Service & Maintenance of Fire, Safety, Protection and Automation Equipment; is committed to continual improve Quality, Health, Safety & Environment, QHSE Integration Management System to fulfil all client, product, applicable legal & other requirements with the aim to ensure satisfaction of interested parties ( client, Authority, Neighbour, stakeholder etc ) by

● To promote the QHSE awareness among staff, workers, business associates and other interested parties so that they understand the value of active and healthy lifestyles and clean environment.
● To ensure consultation, participation, co-operate and act responsibly among employees, clients and vendor in implement best practice and working environment to protect environment, prevent injury, occupational diseases, eliminate hazard and reduce risk through systematic risk identification, assessment, control procedures, training information and instruction provided
● To offer the highest quality solution and to always deliver within the timeline given • To ensure use, possession or trafficking in drugs is strictly prohibited.
● To ensure no employee shall be under the influence of drugs and alcohol or carry such drugs and alcohol while performing work.
● To ensure all persons have the right to stop work when there is an immediate threat to safety of the workforce, individual health, the natural environment and the preservation of property and assets company with justification
● To protect workers from reprisals when reporting incidents, hazards risk and opportunities
● To protect workers from stop work when they found unsafe working environment

Dwisolar Sdn Bhd must consider quality, health, safety and environment in every decision we make and in every activity we perform. We ensure that the product quality, safety, health and welfare of all its employees as well as environment are never compromised to achieve “industrial accidents, environmental pollution and error free” state.

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We focus on friendly cooperation based on honesty, integrity, and satisfaction of our customers as the basis for all future ventures. If you share this view and would like to make an offer to us or learn more about our company, please contact us.

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